Photo of Chad Elish, Blue Polo Shirt, Blue Glasses

Let's Change the World Together


Hi, I’m Chad and here's a little info about me...

I’ve always tinkered and have been passionate about engineering, making, and business management since I was a young child in a family-owned cabinet shop. In middle school, we were the last class able to use the school’s shop before it was shut down.

That loss drove me to find alternatives to feed my need to create. In 2013, I heard about what a makerspace was. I didn’t hesitate to check out the local one and join. During the first three months, I became the President/Director of the organization. I’ve found my tribe. Throughout my time, I've worked with City, State, and Federal Government, directed spaces, ran large scale events, founded multiple non-profits, and more. All to more to push alternitive pathways to education into the limelight and give others the opportunities I hadn't received.

Making and education is my passion and something I have dedicated my life to. It seems that every waking minute of my day is consumed with making. It’s true when they say “It's not work if you love what you are doing”. When I’m not working with a space, event, or helping people with their projects, I’m usually making things myself. A few extracurricular activities I do are music, art, as well as continuing to learn through books and classes.

Don't let your dreams be dreams.