Photo of Chad Elish, Blue Polo Shirt, Blue Glasses

Let's change the world together


I’ve always been creative and have been passionate about engineering and making since I was a young. I got my creative fill between woodworking and taking electronics apart as a child. In college, I loved programming and electronics classes and pursued a career in Information Technology.


After college, the loss of community drove me to find alternatives to feed my need to create, learn, and share. In 2013, I heard about what a makerspace was. I didn’t hesitate to check out the local one and join. During the first three months, I became deeply involved in maker culture. I’ve found my tribe. From that I've worked with City, State, and Federal Government, founded and directed organizations, ran +15,000 person events, created partnerships, taught, and more. All to more to push the culture and community of sharing and learning.


In 2019 I had the opportunity to go to Burning Man and was offered to be the parameter lead for Larry’s (founder) burn. The experience of that and being at the event was like no other. Post-event, it inspired me to teach, learn, and create even more. I also sold my house and bought a sailboat to live and travel on. I’m currently in the process of creating and equipping it with open source automation technologies as a project. My floating home is currently in Baja Mexico, but I look forward to visiting and moving wherever I need to be.


Art, making, teaching, music, and community development are my passions and something I have dedicated my life to. It seems that every waking minute of my day is consumed with something that involves those passions. It’s true when they say “It's not work if you love what you are doing”.

Don't let your dreams just be dreams...